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I enjoy the creative process of designing and building a web site and have had the pleasure of designing sites for charities, small businesses, friends and family. I’ve been designing, maintaining and researching for over 20 years, creating web sites to a professional standard, such as this site and my other site withnature.uk.

If you’d like to learn how to design and build a website for yourself, your organisation, charity or small business then please read this article I have written, giving a brief overview of the steps involved in building a website, and maintaining it for approximately £50pa.

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How to Design & Build a Website

A one-page overview of how to build a website using WordPress.

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With Nature

Discover the Nature of Britain and places to go wild locally

My main project is WithNature.uk, a web guide or portal to the Nature of Britain. Built in WordPress and utilising the Elementor design plugin. First launched in 2004 it has had many redesigns. It is ever growing and has a never ending to-do list! There’s nature and countryside information for every county of England, Scotland, and Wales, and a popular Nature News page.


Website Design Feedback

Matt Phillips designed and built Lindengate’s new website in 2015 – it transformed our contact with users and casual visitors. Matt took the brief but throughout offered suggestion and options that significantly improved and enhanced the original brief. We agreed a project plan and a timeline that was tight so that the new site was ready before national newspaper publicity – Matt met the tough deadline and throughout was professional and positive. He was a pleasure to work with and we have no hesitation in recommending him.

Phil Chattle -


I was introduced to Matt as I was looking for someone to help me design a web page and I had no idea what I was doing. He was the first person who spoke to me about web pages and actually made sense. He designed my page from scratch and not only did the designing but all research involved as well. A year on and my page is still going strong and has been a huge success. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a great webpage and as much technical help as you need! I couldn't have been more satisfied.

Jo O'Connor -

JAO Cleaning

The Bevendean History website was designed from scratch by Matthew using pictures and information supplied by the history group.

The website went live in July 2013.

Listening to what we wanted he designed 2 or 3 different front pages so that the group were able to choose which they preferred.

The section headings were chosen by the group and incorporated into the front page to meet the aims of history group and the historical period being covered. Initially Matthew inserted text, tables and pictures which were supplied to him.

Some of the pictures were inserted in such a way that one could move from one to the next by clicking an arrow on the edge of the picture. This has added to ease of use and the attractiveness of the website.

After the website had been in use for about 12 months, and further research had been done by the group it became obvious that changes were needed to the menu list on the front page. Matthew made these changes speedily with the new version of the website being available within a week.

Matthew readily provided guidance to members of the group to enable them to add more information and pictures to the website.

The Bevendean History Group has received lots of positive feedback on the appearance and ease of use of the website which is due to the thought which Matthew put into the initial design.

John Phillips -

The Bevendean History Group